Jury Trial Results


On April 10, 2012, after a six (6) week jury trial in Newark Attorney McILwain was awarded approximately one million eight hundred thousand dollars ($1,800.000) with a pending attorney fee application that could exceed another four hundred fifty thousand dollars ($450,000) for his Client Matt Moravek and Sophmatt, LLC. Opposing counsel prosecuted a counter-claim for 4 weeks and was merely awarded $100 in comparison.

In Attorney McIlwain's previous firm it posted a 3.8 Million Dollar ($3,800,000) settlement against a major oil company. Also, in a case turned down by 7 Plaintiff Law Firms, Attorney McILwain's client George Finn was awarded a plaintiff jury verdict 18 times the value of the arbitration award. This result was accomplished in supposedly the most conservative Superior Court in New Jersey, Bergen County, whose has a 96% defense success rate recorded in jury trials (August 2009).